My SICP Quest

I have been wanting to read SICP for a while now, and I had gotten started last year but didn’t get past chapter 1. This time I intend to read it through. So I’m setting myself a quest of reading SICP through. Each Monday I will blog about the progress I made in the previous week. I will also push my solutions written in Scheme to my Github repo

I was looking around for others who might have done the same and found two most excellent folks: Eli Bendersky and Bill the Lizard who have walked the walk and been meticulous about blogging their learnings along the way.

To begin the quest, I am going to put forth my goals quoted verbatim from Eli (because it doesn’t get any clearer than this):

  1. Read the book
  2. See all the video lectures by Sussman and Abelson themselves available from here
  3. Do most of the interesting exercises in the book
  4. Do some of the larger projects listed here and here

That said, I spent my first day getting things setup. I now have a Github repo to host my solutions, an Emacs setup with Scheme mode and a Scheme REPL (which I got out of the box!) and a physical copy of the book (I’m old school like that!).

I’m excited about this quest and hope to be regular at it. If any of you is following along, please do pester me if I don’t post at regular intervals!